5 Simple Steps to Saving Money Everyday

Living frugally does not mean that you have to resign yourself to a miserable, joyless life. It does, though, mean making well thought out decisions, shopping for bargains, and always working to build up savings. Applying the following five tips will help you live your life a little more frugally.

Consistently, every month, the grocery bill is a massive expense. Making a grocery list at home before you ever get to the store and then making sure you stick to it will help you prevent impulse buys that you don’t need to waste money on. If you find grocery shopping to be an especially difficult time to control spending, shop with a friend and exchange lists with each other. Using coupons requires an investment of time, but is well worth it.

Make smart vacation plans. That means find ways to manipulate travel prices in your favor. Shop for off-season discounts, making sure that any fun attractions in the area you plan on vacationing in are still open during the slow time of year. You can save money by using vacation time to visit family members. Staying with them will draw the family closer together and, at the same time, save you from needlessly spending money on a hotel.

Thrifty living does not mean you can never go out and have some fun. Most museums, zoos, and botanical gardens have free or at least discount days that you could take advantage of. They probably offer a group discount too, so get all your friends together to have some frugal fun together. Rent movies from the local library for free. It’s all low cost, high quality entertainment.

We all have to spend money on clothing, but there are certainly some ways to spend as little as possible. Buy winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter; you will find great off season sales that will maximize your savings.

Thrift stores, consignment shops, and second-hand stores all offer great values on clothing. You can find designer clothes with tags still intact. Find some frugal friends who are willing to trade clothes. Hand me downs are great!

Buying a brand new car is rarely the best choice. A stylish new car is certainly nice to have and drive, but not worth the money you will have to part with to get it. Making a cash purchase after patiently saving will leave you better off in the end.

When you go to buy a car in cash, you will wield significant power over the salesmen in the negotiation process. You can have confidence in your buying power and secure some nice perks, like a warranty, in the process.

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