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Budget Basics – Budgeting Your Way to Financial Freedom

Frugality – Episode 04

Anyone who desires a brighter financial future must make sure to live in the financial present. This requires the creation of, and adherence to, a budget. This simple yet critical step to financial freedom is often ignored. Many people feel it is overly complicated; or they believe themselves thrifty enough that creating a working budget is unnecessary. The fact is ...

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Debt Reduction: 7 Crucial Ways to Cultivate Good Habits

Abundance through frugality

The field of psychology has a history of debating just how people learn. Is it through reinforcement? Social modeling? Good examples to follow? What you want to learn is how to cultivate the good personal finance habits so you can eliminate credit card debt and get on with your life. You want this. I think I can help. Reward yourself. ...

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Parents – Try Not To be Your Children’s Drill Sergeant

Jewvaderm: The Semitic Frugality Inhibitor

A parent can be many things to their children – legal defence, doctor, teacher – but one personality we would do well to avoid is the Drill Sergeant. We can be the Drill Sergeant when we come round for living quarters inspection, when we bawl them out for chores that haven’t been done, when we take the approach that they ...

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Frugal Tips and Philosophies

Frugality is back in style

Frugal is thrifty in summary. Frugal is summarized as values with traditional backings over belief and lifestyle. Often those who practice frugal restrain themselves and use resources for buying economical services and goods sparingly. The purpose is to make their purchases good last. It seems to fulfill their goals. Using the cash economical system frugality places emphasis on economy since ...

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How to Live a Happy and Simple Life

section frugality

Happiness can be a habit. It is the result of the right living and thinking. It is also the result of a good physical and mental health. If people are contented and prayerful, then we will attain happiness. It is one of the best things in life that are free. You should live a well-balanced, well-moderated and well-planned life. Moderation ...

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A Parallel Analogy Between Supernovae And Cosmology

Introducing EXTREME Frugality

Cosmology is the study of the evolution of our Universe as a whole – from birth to death, or maybe birth to death to rebirth. Stellar objects and events, like nova and supernovae are in the cosmic scheme of things almost insignificant in comparison. It’s like comparing the life and times of an individual insect to the life and times ...

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Avoiding Job Loss Anxiety

The New Frugality: The Organic Gardener

A number of economists say that with the state of the economy today, practically everyone will experience a job loss at least once in their lives. And losing a job is never easy. It comes with a lot of pressures and anxieties. Where am I going to find income? How am I going to pay the bills? How long is ...

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Budgeting – Why It’s Ok to Be Frugal

Extreme Frugality: Meet the Carters – Gourmet Magazine

When you are budgeting it is important that your expenses do not exceed your income as this is a sure way to find yourself getting into debt. To counteract this situation there are ways to cut down your expenses, and it is OK to be frugal. “It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.” –Aesop Being frugal ...

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5 Tips to Save Money Everyday

Extreme Frugality: The Chicken Coop

We all need to learn how to be saving money in order to get by with day to day living. 1. First way to start saving money is to stop using that awful credit card. When you use your credit card, even if it just because you don’t happen to have the cash on you at the time, you are ...

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