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Thrifty Living: Countering The VAT Increase

Alongside fuel hikes and the increasing cost of food, the VAT rise is putting pressure on the public purse, and as the government cuts jobs and funding across the board we’re all looking for ways to reign in our expenses. Finely tuned finances don’t have to mean lower living standards; they just require a bit more attention, ingenuity and creativity. ...

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Get Ready For International Frugal Day

Are you looking for ways to cut back and live a more intentional life? October 2 is International Frugal Day. It would be a good day to try out some of the things you have been reading about regarding living a more frugal and simple life. Frugality does not just apply to how much you spend. You can be intentional ...

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Pleasant Truths of a Frugal Lifestyle

Our large family has been living on one income for years. Careful spending is necessary in our lifestyle. Many people equate a thrifty lifestyle with cheapness and deprivation. The pleasant truth is that stretching a dollar can be fun. I spent some time considering a few of the myths attached to frugality. My frugal truths reveal that stretching a dollar ...

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Frugal Living Tips and Ideas

These days everyone is trying to find ways to lower their expenses. Lot of people associate the word “frugal” with the wrong concept. The truth is being frugal mostly means not wasting your resources and assets. In this article you will find few helpful hints on cutting costs for your everyday living expenses. Having minimal amounts of disposable cash is ...

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The China (Senior Living) Disorder.

Finally an article that has less compared to 5,000 words! Last week, I was the first day Chairman of the 2nd annual Retirement Living World China seminar in Shanghai. In to seeing that this was the second such conference as well as we are, in effect, in the fourth year of this market, I began to decide that it due ...

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5 Actions: How to Conserve Money If You’re Poor (Like Me).

Simply since you don’t make a great deal of money, does not mean you can’t conserve some. Technically, my earnings is listed below the poverty line in Canada, and by ‘technically’, I indicate it is. If you’re like me (no unique skills, pull at math/ science as well as socially awkward) you have to go the added mile to conserve ...

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