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OOPS! Did I Forget the Free Fun?

Eddie Griffin shares his views on frugality

In my recent article “Kids Just Wanna Have Fun” I offered some ideas to keep your fun hungry kids happy. But, duhhhhh. . .I forgot the FREE FUN STUFF! Well ya’ know that’s the most important stuff. I don’t know where my mind was that day! So, now that I’ve seen the error of my ways, Let me share some ...

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Have You Acquired Your Cash Plan?

“The Art of Frugality” by Wendi Meredith

The amount of of you decided eventually that you were visiting make a great deal of money on that next big idea? Your understanding of money could have been (or still is) “cash can make all my troubles disappear.” Then you invest many hrs attempting making it large – or do you? Maybe instead you found numerous ways to undermine ...

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Conserving Money is a Conversation Worth Having.

Trials HD Frugality Achievement

Conversations about conserving money utilized to be huge. Frugal people would pass their thrifty beliefs to the next generation by proclaiming the virtues of effort and living within one’s means. Those perspectives appear practically quaint when contrasted with the modern customer’s relative longing for credit rating and also borrowed funding. Nowadays, staying on par with the Joneses means agreeing to ...

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The best ways to Live Low-cost

The Frugality Game – Improve Your Finances While Having Fun!

Living a low-cost life has several benefits, in addition to a simple reduction in spending. Why not be environmentally pleasant by suppressing your waste, and minimizing the amount of trash in our landfills. Provide your furniture a 2nd opportunity. When economic times are difficult, people see the need to live much cheaper. There is a tendency for individuals to remain ...

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Social Media – Blog Busting Niches Rock Internet Profits

How to Build a Pool Table, Part 4 – Efforts in Frugality – Episode 2.1

One of the most significant niche markets that effectively rocks internet profits is retirement options. While searching for opportunities online that might be beneficial to my personal situation, I noticed more and more often that nobody seemed to be sharing details about baby boomers working online. The niches were directed toward twenty-somethings with degrees in computer science and scripting know-how ...

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What Is Your Business New Years Resolution?

How to Build a Pool Table, Part 5 – Efforts in Frugality – Episode 3.0

Say goodbye to 2011 and say hello to 2012 but before welcoming 2012, have you listed down your New Years resolution? It’s the beginning of a New Year and most small business owners are making their New Year’s resolutions about their businesses. But before doing your list you can back track your previous resolution and see if you were able ...

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Woodworking Will Thrive In Tough Economic Times

How to Build a Pool Table, Part 1 – Efforts in Frugality – Episode 1.0

If there’s one good thing that stems from a weak world economy, it’s the fact that woodworking has become much more popular than it was 10 years ago. You can notice this just by observing the lumbers shops, internet searches and the woodworking events calendar. Life is getting very busy for the woodworker. This increase of activity and interest to ...

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How to Modernize Your Kitchen Cheaply

How to Build a Pool Table, Part 2 – Efforts in Frugality – Episode 1.1

Looking around your kitchen and feeling depressed about the dated look that hasn’t been changed since the time when bell bottoms were all the rage? Even for the home decorator on a budget, there are cost effective ways that anyone can modernize their kitchen. With the right tweaks in certain areas, your kitchen can look like a million bucks without ...

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