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Cooking As If Your Life Depended On It

How to Build a Pool Table, Part 8 – Efforts in Frugality – Episode 6

In the delightful film, Julie and Julia, the story revolves around two women whose lives were saved by learning how to cook. Julia Child went on to become the doyenne of home cooking, while Julie Powell went on to write a successful blog about cooking her way through Child’s book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Even though they prepared ...

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Why PR is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Applique Tutorial – Family Friendly Frugality

I refuse to participate in a recession! And you can, too, if you understand that aggressive publicity and low-cost marketing are the best ways to stay in front of the consumers who are still buying. One of the good things about having over 25 years of experience is the knowledge that even when the economy slows down, it doesn’t grind ...

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Looking For the Cricut Accent Essentials Cartridge?

How to Build a Pool Table, Part 9 – Efforts in Frugality – Episode 7.0

The Cricut Accent Essentials is one of those die cut cartridges that everyone wants. However, it can be difficult to find because it is sold exclusively with the Expression machine. If you do not have the Expression, or if you purchased a Cricut machine that did not include this cartridge, there is good news if it is on your list ...

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How To Save On Brand Name Items

How to Build a Pool Table, Part 10 – Efforts in Frugality – Episode 7.1

If I want coffee from Seattle, it’s just a click of a button. This new found shopping arena on the internet has been a blessing, but has also made me realize the importance of budgeting and saving. That being the case, I have found that I am more thrifty than ever in my shopping, and want to pass some key ...

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Why You Should Leave Editing and Design to the Professionals

TV5news – KCR want to raise Telangana Frugality

Design is advertising and advertising is design. Design is not simply graphics, shapes, and pretty colors. Think text, layout and typeface. It’s all part of the design package. Upon editing a website, a novice is clueless when it comes to “design” features such as the proper use of italics, bold text, colored text, changes in text size and when to ...

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List Building: Tools to Make Your Online Life Simpler

Prepper Plan You Should Be Practice Being Thrifty and Frugal.wmv

As you probably already know, list building is the most important thing you need to do for your business, whether it’s an online business or an offline business. Of course, when I write about list building, it’s usually the online kind because that’s the kind of business I’m very good at and know very well. With that being said, what ...

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All Blogged Down

Frugality – a German virtue? | Made in Germany

The world certainly has changed. Just the other day, someone I’ve chatted with online for years explained why she had not been more active in a group for thrifty moms. She said she was “all blogged down.” Bogged down I understood. Moms around the world have probably used that phrase or the equivalent for years. But “blogged down”? Had she ...

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Millionaire Wealth Building Is Not Rocket Science

Frugality Boot Camp 2012

I’ve always been intrigued by wealth in our North American society. I would like to share some of my core findings and get you on the way to becoming wealthy and fulfilled. First, a few questions. Are your core values in line with most millionaires? Are you setting wealth goals and tracking them honestly in order to substantially increase your ...

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