Cheap Living in Retirement – Why You Should Adopt a Cheap Living Lifestyle

Cheap living in retirement means, being frugal, being thrifty, simple living and saving money. It is not so hard to do and the word sacrifice can be eliminated from your vocabulary.

The word cheap implies doing without…not so… it is a way of being aware of your spending and eliminating waste. See if the following reminds you of sacrifice.

1) Consolidate shopping trips on one day. Anytime you jump in your car and go out for one item is a result of poor planning. You will have to go grocery shopping once a week…why not combine all your shopping in one day. You will save money on gas and up keep for your car.

2) In order to do your shopping in one day, you never should run out of a staple…you should be buying items you use daily in bulk. Things like toothpaste, toilet paper, paper goods, mouthwash, shaving cream, etc. you should keep in inventory.

3) Buying in bulk requires knowing what is a good price on your staples. That means watching the paper on Wednesdays and Sundays. Pounce when you see a good price. You are going to use staple items daily…rest in the knowledge that you are not overpaying when you stock up.

4) Scrutinizing the store ads twice a week will expose you to coupons. Make saving and using coupons a fixture in your frugal simple living plan. It is free money, never shop without them. Some stores have double or triple coupon days, know when these days occur and shop then.

What have you sacrificed above?…Nothing… you have saved money by planning ahead.

The payoff is having the clerk say, “You have saved $26.35 today”, not bad if you spent $17.46. It can be done folks when you make frugal retirement living a way of life. Enjoy.

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