Frugal Freedom

People who live a frugal lifestyle often live with less stress. Typically, those who take control of their money feel they have more control over their life in general. You’ve heard the old cliché “Money is Power.” What most of us fail to understand is that the power isn’t in having the money, or how much you have, rather in the ability to control what money you do have!

With that power comes peace of mind. It’s the peace of knowing that all you have is truly “yours”. With that peace of mind comes Frugal Freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom from envy. Freedom from ridicule, shame, and loss. Loss of what you might ask. Sanity, for one thing. Trust me, when the walls of financial ruin come tumbling down around you, it’s easy to loose your sanity! And, no matter how much money you have, if you can’t control it, you are headed for financial ruin. There are many stories of those who have become wealthy and eventually fell to financial ruin. These are people who let money control them instead of responsibly managing their money.

Much of the transition from spendthrift to frugal is within the mind. It’s not so much a physical shedding of the luxuries of life. Rather, it is the ability to accept that you don’t have to “keep up with the Joneses.” This can be a huge mental leap living in today’s world of material values.

It takes an understanding of what you really need to be successful. Focus inward to what drives you to want more money. Is it necessity or just appearances that drive you to spend more, have more and, consequently, owe more?

In review of your own unique situation you might find the answers very enlightening. Hopefully, seeing the true origin of your desires and re-evaluating what you “need” will lead to change. Then again, you may not like what you see and in denial exclaim that it’s all baloney!

I hope you have the courage to make the changes needed to achieve financial security and peace of mind. Many of us forget that we do have the ability to change. It’s never too late! There is no truer realization of how hard it can be, and how we may need help, to change, than the following well known serenity prayer……..

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change….The courage to change the things I can and…..the wisdom to know the difference.
Now whether you’re a religious person or not, the above statement is true in all aspects of our lives. I often think of it when presented with life’s little dilemmas. It reminds me that I do have choices. I need to evaluate the situation carefully and research my options. Some things we can change, some things we cannot change. Figure this out, have the courage to fix it, or peace of mind to accept it. I can tell you from personal experience that financial ruin is something you can fix. It is rarely an easy fix, but always will bring peace of mind!

So, when asked what I think frugality is…..It’s Freedom. Peace of mind. Re-evaluating what life really means. Knowing the difference between necessity and wants. Shedding appearances in exchange for reality. Taking control of my finances. Getting back to basics, and focusing on the “really” important things in life…. family…. friends…. children….. learning….and teaching.

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