Get Ready For International Frugal Day

Are you looking for ways to cut back and live a more intentional life? October 2 is International Frugal Day. It would be a good day to try out some of the things you have been reading about regarding living a more frugal and simple life. Frugality does not just apply to how much you spend. You can be intentional there to be sure but there are other parts of your life where you can employ frugality also. Let’s look at the word “frugal”. Besides the thrifty, economical side of its meaning is also means prudent, sparing, careful – all things that add up to being intentional about how you are living your life.

Living an intentional life in a frugal manner means that you cease the constant obsessing about things that seemingly are going wrong with your life and that you look to find beauty and positivity in the simple things around you. It means that you focus on being grateful and take the time to show your gratitude for the abundance you receive every day. You shift from running busily through your day to taking the time to enjoy the weather, other people, the beauty of the sky – simple yet amazing things that can make you life so pleasant and powerful.

Living an intentionally frugal life also means aligning your values, beliefs and actions so that you are focused on what your goals are and letting anything that is not aligned with that go. It really is not important to your life anyway if it is not aligned with your values. Besides, doing things that are not aligned with your values cause difficulty and upset in your life and you can surely do without that.

When you get the stuff and things that are not important out of your life you are free to live simply and frugally. You are free to enjoy your family and friends doing meaningful things rather than busy things. You are free to indulge in the things you love and have passion for. You are free to be the person you were meant to be and to create and live the life you want.

So take some time now, before October 2 arrives and think about what you want to do to live more frugally. What will make you happier? What can you get rid of that is really a burden and that does not fit with your values and beliefs? Then use October 2 as the starting place to create your new life.

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