How to Modernize Your Kitchen Cheaply

Looking around your kitchen and feeling depressed about the dated look that hasn’t been changed since the time when bell bottoms were all the rage? Even for the home decorator on a budget, there are cost effective ways that anyone can modernize their kitchen. With the right tweaks in certain areas, your kitchen can look like a million bucks without spending anywhere close to that!

1. How is the lighting in your kitchen? Dim, dreary lighting can have the effect of bringing down the mood of the room. Dark and heavy drapes will have this effect as well, so bring in the sunshine and change out those dark bulbs! Halogen or Incandescent can improve the light quality in the area enough that it perks up the whole space. Light colored, light material for the curtains can also let sunlight wash into the kitchen.

2. That orange, yellow, and brown wallpaper was all the rage circa 1973, but now? Not so much! Why not take down that outdated ode to another era and get some cans of paint in today’s colors? Soft sage green, butterscotch yellow, cream, and many other colors are available to make the kitchen appealing and subtle enough to be sunny and welcoming. A pretty wallpaper can also be a choice, but beware of going too trendy because then you will end up with something that also will need to be changed once tired of it. Subtlety can be the key, especially if choosing a patterned wallpaper. Be sure that both the color and pattern are something that you can see living with for many years. A modern touch could be to add a pretty colored trim to a paint job, such as robin egg’s blue to a soft butterscotch yellow can modernize that kitchen.

3. Rejuvenate those cabinets! Whether a new painted finish is desired or total cabinet changes are needed, this is a kitchen improvement that is sure to be noticed! The beauty is that this tweak has the chance to completely remake the whole look and feel of your kitchen, and can be done in a very cost effective way. Painting, glazing, or creating a faux finish are ways to update the cabinets that you currently have along with changing the hardware to more modern touches if that suits your fancy. For those wanting to completely change the cabinets without purchasing new cabinets, why not order a cabinet resurfacing kit? These provide hundreds of style possibilities with the ease of being self-adhesive or you can opt to buy ones that need to be glued on. Either way, changing up the cabinets is one of the most surefire ways of changing your kitchen for the better!

4. Flooring is a good area of the kitchen to look at for modern appeal. There are many ways to do the tiling yourself if that is the route that you so choose, or how about pull up what’s there to see if wood flooring is already underneath? If there are good wood floors underneath, then those can be refinished and rejuvenated for a whole new kitchen! Certainly a hidden treasure worth finding in that case. Whether opting for linoleum, tile, or wood flooring, any of those materials will breathe new life into the kitchen.

5. New accessories or small appliances can completely add to your kitchens eye appeal. A shiny new blender, lovely new curtains, pretty rugs by the sink, or a new painting over the kitchen table can draw the eye and make the kitchen seem totally revamped. Adding quirky personal touches are a great way to show your kitchen some love. The hardware on the cabinets and drawers can also be changed to add into the new look.

A kitchen should be a welcoming place to cook family meals and maybe wind down with a glass of wine after work, not a place that is dreaded because it looks unappetizing so to speak. Update the right areas of the kitchen with these cost effective touches and you’ll be sure to want to spend more time in there. Who knows, it may inspire you to try some new recipes and become the next Julia Childs!

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