How To Save On Brand Name Items

If I want coffee from Seattle, it’s just a click of a button. This new found shopping arena on the internet has been a blessing, but has also made me realize the importance of budgeting and saving. That being the case, I have found that I am more thrifty than ever in my shopping, and want to pass some key tidbits in money saving on to you. These ideas and suggestions aren’t unique, this is just a testimony that they work, tried and approved by an avid shopper.

Thrift Stores: Digging Is Rewarding!

One of the best ways to save money is to visit thrift shops. I have found amazing deals here, even finding brand new items on the shelves! These items may be used, but if you dig long enough you will find amazing deals on gently used items. Here are some hints when shopping at thrift stores:

o Dig! At times there can be racks and racks of items. If you are not content to looking for items, you probably won’t find the best deals. Go to thrift shops when you have time to browse. Patience is definitely a virture and holds true in any thrift store shopping. Visit each rack, and take time to look at each item. You just never know what you might find! My sister ended up finding barely worn $400 shoes and paid about $20.

o Look for tags. You would be amazed at how many brand new items make it to the thrift store shelves! I believe that many people impulse buy items, and then throw them in a closet, only to be discarded at a later time. If you see an original store tag on an item, consider this a very good find and take it right up to the cash register!

o Looking for Retro? Try thrift stores! Small boutiques and even trendy stores at the mall often make you pay an arm and a left for retro items. Why not try the thrift stores to look for TRULY retro items. You will end up with authentic items while paying a fraction of the price.

o Goodwill, Salvation Army, and more Donating to these places often benefits a truly cause wrothy group. But you know that if you are donating to these places, other people are doing the exact same thing! Visiting your local Goodwill gives you a sense that your shopping is not going without a greater reward. You can also find excellent items. I know that the Goodwill in a neighborhood I used to live in was packed on the weekends! Goodwill is also an excellent place to find DIY project items as things can often be restored.

o Plato’s Closet and other trendy stores Gently used clothing is back! Stores, like Plato’s Closet in Colorado, offer shoppers a way to both save and make money. These stores accept brand name used clothing, and pay shoppers for their contributions. In turn, shoppers can buy other brand name clothes at great prices! You can find Gap, American Eagle, Juciy Couture and more in these stores, and look hot without breaking the bank. Plus, if you are tired of your current wardrobe, exchange your clothes for great brand name items!

Retail Bliss!

If thrift stores aren’t your cup of tea, there are many retail stores out there that sell brand name, never been used items at discounted prices. These stores receive extra items from larger stores. For example, if a large department store does not sell all of a particular type of jacket by the end of the season, they sell these to stores like TJ Maxx and Ross at discounted prices. This discount is then passed on to you. There are variety of stores that participate in this, including dollar stores! Below is an outline of my favorite stores:

o Ross: If you like brands like DKNY and Express, this is the store for you! I am notorious for losing sunglasses, especially if I have spent a pretty penny on them. I have a hard time buying a cheap pair, so Ross offers me a good in between. I love to buy the DKNY sunglasses at Ross, and spend about $15. This is just as much as you would spend on a pair anywhere else, and you know you are getting a quality brand. Then, when I inevitably lose these sunglasses, I don’t have a heart attack because I spent a ton of money. They have a great shoe and clothing selection, as well as home items that I love. Check this store out!

o TJ Maxx/Home Goods: This combination is dangerous, mostly because I love everything in here! I LOVE to decorate my house, and since I just bought a new one I can justify needing more pictures and mirrors. Home Goods has fantastic home decor items, including area rugs and small pieces of furniture. I have also been able to find framed art that I have seen in other stores for twice the price! If you are in need of home decorations, I would visit this store today.

o Tuesday Morning: At Tuesday Morning, you can receive 40%-80% off retail prices! This store does not focus on clothings, but has everything you need for home and garden. My mom was able to get a beautiful stainless steel coffee pot that normal retailed for over $180 for only $65. It was a steal in itself! And I’ll let you in on my little secret: I am a big Barbie Collector and have found Tuesday Morning to be a secret depot for collectible Barbies. I have been able to get Gold Label collectibles (retailing normally at over $130) for $60-$75. I justify my collection by telling myself it is an investment. Plus, I just love them!

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