Sick of Doodling? Some of the Coolest Things You Can Do With a Sheet of Paper

High school is one of the most amazing times in the lives of most people. It was the time of crushes, parties and amazing dates. But it wasn’t all smiles and laughter-especially come class time. Remember those times when you were so bored and all that you had with you were a pen and paper? Most probably 90% of us are serial offenders when it came to doodling. And it was fun! But just as much as it was fun, there were days when it got old really quick. And didn’t you wish you had more things to do with that blank sheet of paper?

But here comes a solution! Since blank sheets of paper are all over the place anyway, here are a few of things that you can still do when you find yourself alone with one:

– Oil collector: A thousand documentaries have revealed the absurdly unhealthy oil content of fried food. So what can you do to at least minimize the harmful effects of this? Put a sheet of paper over your dish. This will allow the paper to absorb some of the excess oil on your food. It can’t remove everything though, so avoid pigging out!

– Budget list: A random piece of paper is as good as anything to keep track of your basic needs and wants with their corresponding prices. Not only does it make you more organized and gives more direction to your life, it can also make you more thrifty and help you avoid unnecessary spending.

– Temporary journal/blog entry: For times when you really need to unleash your innermost thoughts and emotions, nothing beats the piece of paper as a temporary home for what will be a future-popular blog entry. So don’t hesitate to jot everything down!

– Visual aids for conversations: Sometimes images just say things better than words ever can! And when your best friend or acquaintance just doesn’t get it, feel free to use hat sheet of paper you have lying around there to illustrate just what exactly your point is. Anything from stick figures to amazing sketching art will do great.

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