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One of the most significant niche markets that effectively rocks internet profits is retirement options. While searching for opportunities online that might be beneficial to my personal situation, I noticed more and more often that nobody seemed to be sharing details about baby boomers working online. The niches were directed toward twenty-somethings with degrees in computer science and scripting know-how that baby boomers just don’t have. I knew there had to be a solution.

I found it!

Working with WordPress Blogs, we (baby boomers) can do anything they (young whipper-snappers) can do. Okay, so those young whipper-snappers are more often than not our children, telling us how to “do things” but it works. WordPress is awesome.

However, the big question about what niche would be profitable for those of us staring at retirement was still up in the air, so I continued to search and found several niches that might be of interest to those of you reading here.

Blogging Niches –

1 – How to make a profit from needle work.

2 – How to make the MOST of your Retirement Benefits.

3 – How to make ends meet on Retirement Income – Thrifty Living for Seniors.

4 – Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Seniors.

5 – Entertainment for Senior Citizens.

6 – Learning the Ropes of Technology for Retirement Use.

7 – Beating the Drums of Time – How to get past the ticking clock.

All of these niches offer something of value to baby boomers and topics of interest to blog about, using simple, easy to use content manager style social media to promote valuable information that helps others. If you’ve learned it, you could be sharing it…

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