Woodworking Will Thrive In Tough Economic Times

If there’s one good thing that stems from a weak world economy, it’s the fact that woodworking has become much more popular than it was 10 years ago. You can notice this just by observing the lumbers shops, internet searches and the woodworking events calendar. Life is getting very busy for the woodworker. This increase of activity and interest to the niche is probably due to the following 2 factors.

Making your own products, whether it be furniture, sheds, craft, etc. is much more affordable. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a shed, a good plan, a decent set of tools and some cheap lumber can cut that cost down to a fraction of the price. Thrifty people can appreciate getting the same product, or even better for a much cheaper price. Not only that, once a beginner woodworker sees that he/she can build something exactly the way they wanted, they’ll probably never want to buy another piece of furniture or any other ready made item for the rest of their lives.

Early retirement is another reason why woodworking has risen in popularity among hobbyist and enthusiasts. As businesses continue to lay people off, workers who were ready to retire at 65 are starting to retire much earlier than they had planned. So what are they doing with all that free time during retirement? Well, woodworking of course. Woodworking is one of the best ways to spend your time and retirees are realizing that every day.

One thing is for certain, new and returning woodworkers have plenty of resources at their disposal, especially now that everything has been digitized. Good woodworking plans and projects can be found online for relatively cheap. There are also plenty of forums, websites and blogs where woodworkers can get inspiration, share ideas and share their work. Woodworking has once again become a popular way to spend your time and there’s no better time to start then now.

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