5 Tips to Save Money Everyday

We all need to learn how to be saving money in order to get by with day to day living.

1. First way to start saving money is to stop using that awful credit card. When you use your credit card, even if it just because you don’t happen to have the cash on you at the time, you are paying more than what you are spending. That interest on those credit cards add up fast than you can imagine. Why pay a company $15 or more monthly, for something that you didn’t even purchase. Use your cash.

2. Another way you can be saving money, when you go to the store, bring a list of what you actually need, not want, but need and stick to that list. Don’t walk by the ice cream and notice that it is on sale, decide to pick up some Chocolate Fudge ice cream because it is half price day. Don’t do it. That ice cream is not on your list, stick to the list. In one year time you can save approximately $300 or more, just by saying NO to those urges.

3. We all need to have some fun in our lives, so when you decide to go to the beach for the day, a walk in the woods, or any of your favorite past times, bring your lunch. Why buy lunch out when you can easily make a very nice lunch and bring it with you. Use up some of last nights dinner and make another meal out of it rather than throwing it out. Enjoy that picnic that you haven’t had in years.

When it comes to major purchases that may be needed, shop around to save money. Get prices from several different venders, don’t just buy the first stove or refrigerator that you see.

4. You can find many items that may be of interest to you at a Thrift Store. That’s what I said a Thrift Store, you would be surprised at what you can walk out of a Thrift Store with, without paying that high price for something new. Did you know that there are times that a Thrift Store has brand new items, tickets still on.

5. Another one of the biggest ways we can reduce our spending, start reusing items rather than instantly throwing them in the trash. Wash out that zip lock bag, use it again. Rather than buying small trash bags for the bathroom, bedrooms, washroom, reuse the bag that you carried your groceries home in. Bags from your favorite grocery store make great liners for our small trash cans.

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