How to Live a Happy and Simple Life

Happiness can be a habit. It is the result of the right living and thinking. It is also the result of a good physical and mental health. If people are contented and prayerful, then we will attain happiness. It is one of the best things in life that are free.

You should live a well-balanced, well-moderated and well-planned life. Moderation is the keynote of contentment and happiness. We should develop simple but healthy habits. We should not cling to material things but we should learn how to live a simple life, how to give love to our families and friends, and how to surrender our problems to God.

Take a lot of time to think. Be broadminded in your viewpoints. People may not always agree with you unless they want to be the winner of every argument. True friendship is sometimes best seen in disagreement rather than in compliance. Learn to listen carefully. Fifty percent of what you hear might be correct and fifty percent might be wrong.

Do your work with pleasure and complete satisfaction and make sure you love it. There is nothing more distasteful than doing the things that you hate to do. Be productive so that you can view everything, including your employer’s criticisms as positive remarks which will be for your betterment.

Learn how to be grateful for it is the highest law of God. Without it, there can be no love and no charity. Gratitude is not a sign of weakness but a sign of greatness. Lend your ears to those people who need your presence. Help them if you think that your help can add to the alleviation of their pain, sorrow, and unhappiness. Give them the advice that they need for them to be happy and don’t satisfy your own. Make it sure that everything you say will make sense to them and will not contradict or offend them. Be charitable and generous. You do not need to give more than what you cannot afford to, but you should still give as long as the cause is good. However, remember that you cannot give what you do not have. So in order to truly help people, you must give something that you really possess and not that is stolen or taken from others.

Live your every day as if it is your last. Feel that today is the most important day of your life and you may die tomorrow. The yesterdays and the tomorrows are but hopes and dreams, but today is the day that you are called upon to live. Cultivate positive mental attitudes of love, charity, and understanding rather than the negative phase of hate, envy and fear. Over thinking could be stressful so instead, pray and have some time for reflection to help you reminisce the moments and learn from your mistakes.

Learn to be thrifty. Remember that little drops make the big rivers. Plan to earn more and avoid extravagance. Make money as a means to an end but never as an end. Remember that material things could vanish but your basic needs will always be a necessity.

Plan and study every move you make; and once you arrived at a decision, follow it through without flinching. Your matured judgment must not only be good but trustworthy and you must trust to the end. Confusions in thoughts and acts are oftentimes influenced by indecisions. Like the game of chess, one wrong move due to haste in deciding will ruin everything and may result to complete loss.

No man is an island or can never live alone. Use the services of trusted men around you. Learn to collaborate with people and you will learn from each other. A good team and a good teamwork spell the difference between success and failure. Remember, it is easy to succeed as well as to fail for you all learn how to experience it together.

Cultivate the spirit of success in all your ventures and be enthusiastic, cheerful, and hardworking. These could easily be gained by directing your thoughts on clear, well-defined and altruistic aims. Further, a man who likes to succeed should temper justice with prudence, prejudice with love, hate with brotherhood, and extravagance with frugality.

Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you. Talk of nice, inspiring, and prudent things to other people. Make it a point to do one act less of hate, jealousy, selfishness and egoism during your lifetime.

You should develop competence and learn to be independent. Stand on your own feet and avoid the obnoxious habit of procrastination. Plan and systematize your life and your work, then leave the rest to God. However, don’t shrink from too much obligations.

When you are sad, blue or plain lazy, make up your mind to get busy. Work can do no harm to people irrespective of their age. It is always a tonic and a very good outlet for your emotions and tension. Do something that will help you forget all your worries or fears and at the same time, will help you accomplish something good.

Dream and develop a profession or an occupation no matter what is your status in life. Put yourself into it with all your might and success will be just around the corner. Maturity means hobbies like music, painting, writing, foreign language, books, nature, study, and social services. On the spiritual side, try to be always close to your God. Whatever religion or faith you may have, always remember that religion always inspires the basic good qualities of man.

Learn to love yourself and your neighbor. Spoil yourself with happiness and pleasures in life but do not forgive to share it to others too. Cherish people by devoting time bonding with them, hearing their stories and sharing happiness or whatever emotion that they feel as of the moment. You should give them real happiness for it is a priceless thing to prove that they are part of your life, and because you love them. Make them feel that you want them to be part of your journey and so you want them to be with you no matter what happens. Don’t leave them walking alone unless wanted to do so. Through the spirit o

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